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The Certifying Board for Priests and Priestesses of African-Based Religion Worldwide



We invite you to explore our site, learn more about our organization, and become a member, whether as clergy or as an associate. If you are a priest or priestess who has not yet certified, we urge you to STAND UP AND BE COUNTED! If you are a visitor to our site who is seeking direction and clarity, WELCOME and thank you for visiting NARCWORLD.COM.


NARC Scholarship Program 2014

The National African Religion Congress / NARC World International is excited to offer five (5) scholarship awards to five (5) high school seniors who have family members who belong to the National African Religion Congress and are in good standing. To learn how to qualify, download the application form here.


NARC Conference 2014 - Currently Underway!

Eleventh African Religion Conference Theme:

Spirituality in World Connection - Health, Faith & Wealth

The National African Religion Congress is holding its Eleventh Conference and Ceremony of Ceremonies June 26-29, 2014! More information will follow as it becomes available on the announcements page. For the registration form and submission form for the Call for Papers, click here. The Conference is being held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, Room 203, Philadelphia, PA. Come and join us!

The National African Religion Congress will be releasing the Twelfth Edition of the Directory of Priests and Priestess this summer! If you are a member and need your listing updated, don't hesitate to contact our office at 215-455-0815 or email us at narcworld@aol.com.

Call for Papers 

The world is awakening to the reality that everything is moving in the Spirit.  What is not widely acknowledged, however, is that the root cause of poverty, loss, fear, pain, shame, struggle, sorrow and death is spiritual.  Wealth is not found just in money; wealth is a condition that can be found in all things.  Prosperity is an expression of a healthy faith.  The Spirit connects all to everything.  The health of the Earth and the health of nations are intertwined.  All is Spirit. 

As the Spirit leads people in their search for more natural means to heal themselves – physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, socially and in every other way – they learn the importance of prayer and respect for the life force in all things. These are the lessons that priests and priestesses of African-based religion must teach, in word and in deed.  It is in these contexts that the Eleventh African Religion Conference Theme: Spirituality in World Connection – Health, Faith and Wealth will be explored.

The National African Religion Congress/NARC World International is pleased to announce the Call For Papers for the Eleventh African Religion Conference.  All Conference Papers should be typed in a 12-point Times Roman font and must be submitted no later than Thursday, May 15, 2014 for publication in the Eleventh African Religion Conference proceedings. Please send all submissions by email to narcworld@aol.com or by mail to 5104 North Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19141.  If sending by mail, please be sure to send on a flash drive or CD.  All papers that are accepted by NARC/NARC World International  for publication in the Conference section of the Directory of Priests and Priestesses 2014-2015 Edition and/or future Directories will become the property of the National African Religion Congress/NARC World International. (NOTE: You need not be present at the Eleventh African Religion Conference for your paper to be published.)

Attendance at the Eleventh African Religion Conference and World Ceremony of Ceremonies will count for 40 credits toward the 50 credits needed for accreditation in the Continuing Education Program of the National African Religion Congress/NARC World International.


Readings for the Year 2014

The National African Religion Congress publishes the reading for the new year from reliable sources around the world on our website. Click here to view!


About NARC

Since 1999, the National African Religion Congress has protected the rights of priests and practitioners of African-based religion in the United States and abroad, and has represented its membership as an independent certifying body for clergy of those religions. NARC has established equality and protection of First Amendment rights, defended the integrity of the religions in federal courts, and moved the civil courts to apply the Deference Rule to African-based religions. This groundbreaking decision confirms that practitioners of African-based religions may make their own organizational decisions on conflicts involving spiritual issues in United States civil courts.

The National African Religion Congress publishes the Directory of Priests and Priestesses, an unprecedented publication which includes the first and only compilation of the Doctrines of each African-based religion, the first and only listing of certified priests, priestesses, healers, and other practitioners of African-based religion, and a unique reference that includes essays, speeches, and other publications about the religions from the practitioners themselves. The Congress promotes its members as the experts in their religions and promotes standards for morals and ethics for African-based religious clergy in general.  When people call NARC seeking spiritual help, we use the Directory to refer them to certified priests and priestesses in their area who can provide them with the expert assistance they need. 

The National African Religion Congress holds Conferences that are open forums where practitioners of all African-based religions and the public at large come together to share the religions, everyday experiences that affect their practice, and ways to ensure the survival and better understanding of these religions. Each Conference features the “Bridging the Gap” Seminar. Here priests, law enforcement officials, community leaders, public officials, and the general public are invited to promote communication and increase understanding between practitioners of African-based religion and the communities where they reside. Through this seminar the interests of everyone involved are acknowledged, and the rights of our members are protected.

The Congress maintains ongoing communication with law enforcement agencies, licensing and inspection entities, and political figures across the country to encourage fair treatment of its members, prevent interruption of religious services, and ensure that certified priests are respected as the clergy they are. We do this by dealing directly to the law enforcement officials responsible for community liaison in the communities where our members reside, to make sure that they have a good understanding of the religious diversity in their communities and the needs of our members. We maintain high standards to preserve African-based religions wherever they are practiced. We are a licensed entity that is able to sponsor legal travel to Cuba for religious reasons. Through the certification process we promote the integrity of African-based religions in Nigeria, Brazil, Trinidad, and every other country where our members are located.


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