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Certification of Applications

1.  Priests and priestesses should submit an application that will include the lineage of their African Religion House and initiations.

2.  Once all questions are answered and the qualifications of NARC are met, they will be certified as a qualified priests/esses and placed         into a directory of priests and priestesses of all African-based religious Shrines, Houses, etc.

3.  Priests and priestesses will receive photo identification cards certifying them as a priests/esses and identifying their lineage house.

4.  The status of members will be reviewed periodically.

5.  All members of NARC will be charged an entry fee as well as renewal fees.

6.  Biographical sketches must be submitted to NARC to be placed into The National African Religion Congress Directory of Priests and           Priestesses.

Submission of applications hereby grant permission to NARC/NARC WORLD to include relevant information for the National African Religion Congress Directory of Priests and Priestesses/NARC World Editions.


Digital Application




1. Download Application

2. Fill out and attach all required information 

3. Please Include with Application:

     • 2 Recent Passport-size Color Photos

     • Membership Fee of $150. Must be in form of a money order

4. Please remit application and payment to : 

     • The National African Religion Congress

        PO Box 11011

        Philadelphia, PA 19141


PDF Download Application

In order to keep the cost of certification to a minimum, we ask each house to support the Congress by encouraging members of their spiritual family to certify as a priest, priestess, drummer, spiritual worker or associate member. Each house should join NARC and send representatives to the Annual Conference and Ceremony of Ceremonies. If you give NARC support, then money will be available to fight your battles for you in the courts, the communities, and abroad.

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