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Support African tradition and culture by becoming a member of the National African Religion Congress, Show that you care, register with NARC today!

Certified Priests and Priestesses - $150.00
Associate Members - $150.00
Patron Members
 - $50.00

* Patron Members (Non-initiate looking to be educated and up to date with the African traditions)

In order to keep the cost of certification to a minimum, we ask each house to support the Congress by encouraging members of their spiritual family to certify as a priest, priestess, drummer, spiritual worker or associate member. Each house should join NARC and send representatives to the Annual Conference and Ceremony of Ceremonies. If you give NARC support, then money will be available to fight your battles for you in the courts, the communities, and abroad.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.  We thank you for your continual loyalty.


National and International Directory recognition.

Listing in the Directory to ensure access to people looking for creditable priests and priestesses to extend religious teachings and initiations.

Opportunities to insert your Conference Papers into the Directories in the Conference section.

Invitation letters to NARC Conferences and Ceremony of Ceremonies. NARC understands the difficulties facing foreigners in obtaining a visa for fellowship in ceremonies within the United States. Although we cannot guarantee visas for ceremonies, we can establish a better way to prove to the United States that our sisters and brothers in other countries are verified priests and priestesses obligated to their religion and religious sanctuaries within their country.


1. Letters of explanation or requests for excused absence from work for initiations, religious holidays and traditional religious attire. Our ordained priests and priestesses stem from Haitian Voodoo, Ifa, Yoruba, Akan, Candomble, Santeria, Lucumi, Orisa Tradition of Trinidad.

2.  Access to information concerning the marriage laws in your State the ability to provide necessary documents for proof of ordination so that you can apply for a clergy license to solemnize marriages and obtain clergy parking permits. (Some States Requirements)

3. Provide letters of creditability as proof of your Priesthood for mortgage companies and lending institutions.

4. Provide a license for legal travel to Cuba directly from the United States for religious purposes such as: Initiations, Ordinations and Religious Study.

5. Allow members to receive referrals from people seeking help in your area.

6. Provide letters of creditability as proof of your Priesthood to local government agencies, such as Police and Fire Departments, Licenses and Inspection and government offices.

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