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History of NARC

Each of these newsletters contains the history of the establishment of the National African Religion Congress,  scenario cases of in which NARC assisted the aid of their members, conferences held,  information of African heritages, court cases, nations of Priest, Priestesses and drummers, police and law involvement, Priest in wrongfully in prisons,  and much more.

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NARC publishes directory of Priests and Priestesses of 2000

History of NARC in 2000
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Grand Opening Highlights International Headquarters for the Nation al African Religion Congress/NARC World

History of NARC in 2003
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Bridging the Gap in Understanding African Religions

History of NARC in 2004
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Religious Preservation & Conference Highlights

History of NARC in 2004 (cont.)
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Diaspora Faith- Key 

to the Future

History of NARC in 2005-06
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Pennsylvania Court Defers to Organization Representing African-based Religions

History of NARC in 2007
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Police arrest Priest for

carrying Ogun's 


History of NARC in 2013
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