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In African Religions, everyone who is anyone knows the NARC Directory is not just another directory - it is the Who's Who of Priests and Priestesses of African Religions in the world. When the movement for unity in African Religions began, NARC's directory quickly became the single most important text ever compiled on African religion, its practitioners and the doctrines of the African

religious faiths.

Many priests and priestesses found themselves honored on the pages of the directory. This book is a remarkable collection of African spiritual leaders who began practicing in the 1920' s. In this publication, NARC proudly presents prestigious African spiritual leaders from the United States, Nigeria, Brazil, Trinidad & Tobago, Haiti, Puerto Rico, Canada, Spain, Cuba and Argentina. NARC will continue to identify, certify and verify Priests and Priestesses from around the world under the banner of unity for the prosperity of these beautiful religions in the new millennium.


This directory is a must have for every person practicing or interested in African-based Religions.


The Directory contains: 


  1. The first official listing of verified Priests and Priestesses

       of African-based religions from around the world 

   2. An unprecedented  listing of the religious doctrines of the various African faiths as they are practiced throughout the             world


   3. The complete proceedings of the 2nd  Annual NARC World Conference & "Ceremony of Ceremonies"


   4. A glossary of terms commonly used in African Religions. NARC's Directory is a hardcover, leather bound publication.             As a one-of-a-kind reference manual, this directory will be placed in public libraries, universities and government offices         around the world. The historic first edition is destined to become a collector's item

NARC Directory
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